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Day 17

Hi! How are you all fairing? I am hungry af and have been hella tempted by chips. Not even gone lie, Lays got some doritos flavored cool ranch joints that I fell weak for. But listen they were so worth it!!!!! I might need to give them away bc I can see myself right now trying to sneak off to the kitchen cabinet in the heat of the night.

We legit have 15 more days left and I am just hoping to go strong for the next 7-8. This weeks motivation is some outfits I want to wear. Ya'll I legit looked up tummy control panties

and how I feel about it is TRI-FUH-LING, do you hear me!! I'm not buying that shit. Well I'll keep you updated. Anywho, how is it all going for you guys. Side note during this time, yes I have gained mental clarity but I also feel like I have gotten funnier. Could be me though lol. As always, would love to hear from you!



P.S. I do not proof read!

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