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Day 3

This water intake is kicking my ass. However I do feel like bc I was so busy with working my body wasn't requiring anything as an automatic response. So the less water I drank, which shamefully was only like 50 oz, the less I thought about food. I can't explain the why, I just know what it is. But I was able to get a kettle ball workout in this morning and finally stood on the scale, eeek. Now I'm thinking, like damn how much DID I weigh before. LMAO!

Anyway, how was your day? Day 3-6 should be hard AF and have you reconsidering a lot of shit.

Question of the day: How loud is the voice in your head when you want to cheat on your fast?

FYI: I just finished working and have to be back up at 4 for a 5 am meeting.

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