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Seven More Days

We are on the last stretch and from my end let me tell you, its so hard...

to stay committed!! Everything is a compromise and I just keep telling myself "Bitch you doing a good job" During this time, my relationship with food is bringing forth some realizations like my body prefers to get a majority of it's water intake from fruits and veggies. Although wheat bread is the black savior, my body does better with a sourdough. My body is a high budget bih, that loves all types of food, except tomatoes. So, we are saying no to pork, once in a blue moon yes to beef bc I love a smothered ribeye (I'll tell you about it one day), yes to some chicken methods, maybe to seafood. Bananas are not fibrous for me but apples get the job done. My body is a mid-day eater, it lives for a good, late lunch. A lot of these I knew before the fast I am just sharing them with you to prompt a thought process. Consider your body you Siamese twin and food are the variety of friends you come in contact with. Are you and your body going to continue to be cordial to friends (food) that don't have your best interest in mind. Maybe for a while but once you find out that they're laughing behind your back or secretly embarrassing you then that all changes.

Think of noncompatible foods as a Mean girl, Regina George to be exact.

Ok, that's my rant! Hope to hear from you guys!

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