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Day 2!!!

I would like to start Day 2 off with this word from Kellyn, our fellow faster:

Going into Day 2: I need to intake more water. Stay strong everyone! ~Kellyn

This was my same thought as I laid in bed last night as I headed to sleep. One struggle I had yesterday was making Mosiah's plate. He had an alfredo pesto pasta topped with slithers from a rotisserie chicken. As my mouth watered I justified just taking one bite. Today I reflect on the mirage of my strength. To take my own advice and not be too hard on myself, what I also pledge is to take in more water with a goal of drinking 30 oz before I leave the house. So far so good. I have a long day ahead of me so staying present is key.

Question of the day: What are your temptations when challenging your body to do something different?

Be blessed and Be kind to yourself!


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