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Full Moon in Taurus 10/31

This is the second full moon for this month and baby, it's a 'no holds barred' type of energy. Since around June's moon cycle, you've been called to do certain things and make certain changes to your life. Of course you haven't, maybe some changes but not all. Well now the universe is done being patient! The things you've attempted to avoid such as getting more sleep, meditating, changing your eating habits, or even showing up different in your interpersonal relationships are now of a dire desire with this Full moon; you can thank Taurus and Scorpio season for this push for immediate transformation. It's time to elevate, it's time to welcome the better version of yourself; the version that lacks ego and illuminates selflessness, the version that creates healthy boundaries and sticks to them, the version that makes an effort to include self care in their consistent routine.   Our beloved Mercury in retrograde has helped push you along this process, constantly bringing up memories of the past, new revelations to some very old shit, making for acknowledgement of growth made and progress still to be made.  During this full moon, indulge! Indulge yourself in the form of celebration and just think, the physical and the spiritual world will be partying with you; it's Halloween!!! You deserve it, you've made it through 10 months of 2020 and the 11th month is significant for a new beginning. For some, this full moon is an induction ceremony, certainly for me it is. For others, it's a midway point to getting to your desired destination. Never feel like you started the race too late, as long as you showed up, you are right on time! 

This full moon, as with all full moons, is a good time to release. Let's take a look and see what your sign should be releasing this time around:

Aries: A relationship. You’re dragging your feet ending a relationship you should not be in right now. You’re waiting for the right one to come in. It won’t until you let go of your current situation.

Taurus: Doubt. No matter how sharp you make your tongue, you’re only talking yourself out of your deserved new beginning.

Gemini: Control. You’re wanting to know what lies ahead when all you need to do is trust that everything is taken care of. You know you have the ability to see in the dark.

Cancer: Stagnancy. Move your feet, you know you guys have grown apart. There are new chances of mutual love out there. Go ahead and send that break up text.

Leo: Memories. Oh those old memories, they get in the way. They are stopping you from welcoming in a new way a doing, being. Don’t fight it!

Virgo: Anxiety. It’s time for you to heal beloved. Your throne is waiting on you.

Libra: Pettiness. Listen, the daggers you throw are heading back your way. Duck or be nice bc you also have some serious fulfillment waiting on you.

Scorpio: Control. You’re being somewhat of a narcissist and it will not end in your favor this time around. Chill out, your slip is showing, meaning, you’re being a bitch and no one likes that. You’ll find yourself celebrating your season alone.

Sagittarius: Old ways. Baby, that tape is not going to hold this shit show together. It’s a rebirth not a destruction, don’t be afraid. Watch your video on my IGTV

Capricorn: A mindset of lack. In the past, you thought about robbing Peter to pay Paul. Just hold off a little longer bc a romantic situation will change many things for you.

Aquarius: Illusions. You’ve been given many gifts and blessings and it’s still not what you want. Change that mindset bc it’s everything you need.

Pisces: Savior complex. You’ve spent enough time fixing others, now it is time to work on yourself.


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