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Let almonds bring back the joy in your life

I stumbled upon this trick through information and then experience. Almonds help with headaches and migraines. I saw it was twice stumbled upon due to the fact that I had forgotten about me receiving the information and it was based on soaked almonds being good for hair health. The experience came through recently and it was like "Aahh that's right, now I remember" maybe it helps with memory as well ;) Anyway, I was starting a new dietary routine and because my caloric intake had dropped significantly, I was experiencing that type of headache. Soo, fortunately I had soaked some almonds the night before just on some let me try something different type of thing. While struggling with a hunger headache and untactfully peeling skin off of almonds

I decided to pop in a few, ok its was about seven and within like 15-30 mins, I wasn't keeping track. But what I was keeping track of was the fact that my headache had vanished, disappeared, took a walk, bought a farm, etc you get the point. So as it worked for me it may for you so I have included an article below for your leisurely browsing and they walk you through the proper way to soak almonds. And if you're like me and don't like reading anything then you basically soak the almonds in either tap, distilled, or alkaline water overnight, in a container big enough to cover the almonds with water, add salt (I did not), and in the am peel the skin off. Bonus, if you have kids after you peel them and let them dry and add a honey lavender drizzle on top and call it a day, or a snack!

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