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Mood Moods- New Moon in Leo

This new moon continues to carry energy from the full moon simple because the door of change and a new chapter is still open. We are still reflecting on the past. We are still planning for the future but most of us are stuck between self reflection and action. So here’s my advice: JUMP ALREADY!!!!! If you have solidly done the work, some kind of work, you’re in good hands. But this is the point where the phrase “faith without works....” i don’t know the rest but you catch my drift.

Clean your space to make room for the creative juices to flow onto paper (Mars in Aries). Feel safe to make plans for a budding or evolving relationship (Venus in Cancer). Whatever it is, take action. We often wait for change or a tower moment not realizing we have the ability to be our own tower moment when need be. Leo is all about ego and aesthetics so make sure when you’re taking these big steps you have a big dose of self worth backing it up. It will never manifest if you don’t feel worthy to have it.

Over the next few days or week dancing is important. Play that song on repeat that supports your two step, pole grinds, or twerk combination. This energy is high, this energy manifest, this energy transforms any bleak situation. This morning I wanted to hear something or nothing and my perfect compromise was an instrumental playlist found on Spotify. I needed to feel it not necessary recite something lyrical. A playlist for sex would be divine, vibes that get the heart racing, like Feenin’ by Jodeci. Oh and lay off the carbs for this week. You need a light energy to receive the messages of these moments.

With love and prosperity,


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