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Moon Moods- Full Moon in Cancer

This full moon has brought us reflections of the past and hopes for the future. With so much going on it’s hard to prioritize where to start processing your feelings. My suggestion, start with the past! Thoughts of childhood experiences/wounds, heavy on the parent-child relationships. Thoughts of old relationships, mistakes made, triggers you’re holding onto, red flags ignored and being honest about how long you ignored them. All of this things are uncovering themselves for you to release them to make room for the new chapter awaiting you. For some, this new chapter comes with big changes like job advancement, new/renewed love and for others this new chapter is mighty but still packs a mean punch like increased self worth and maintaining boundaries. Those are often the building blocks needed to your desired bigger picture. At some point, listen to Minnie Riperton ‘Memory Lane’ and replay it about 4 times to catch the vibe of what it’s trying to tell you.

Love is on the brain because Venus is settling into Cancer on 8/6/2020. Venus in Cancer, in Leo season is a bit needy and egotistical if its reciprocation is not mutual. Meaning, if who you are looking for a deeper connection with is not on the same wave length as you, then you will feel like you’re competing or fighting for love. HOWEVER, if it is mutual, beauty on all realms is created and has a ripple effect throughout your life. Advice: Focus on staying grounded during Leo season because things are coming at you fast. Changes, changes, changes, revamps, renovations, break downs, and break downs . Prosperity and love are the common goals of the community.

As always, I’m here for guidance if needed️️️


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