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Moon Moods: Pisces Full Moon

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Full moon in Pisces in Virgo season is the depiction of bungee jumping with a safety net below; an exhilarating adventure guaranteed to keep you grounded to enhance the experience. Whether it be love, career creativity, or planning for your future; let your desires run wild. If you want that job, apply for it. If you’re needing more financially, claim it, if your heart desires a love just made for you, speak it!

Since June, life has been making changes toward the things you’ve subconsciously asked for. Why don’t you see them yet, likely bc you’re the levee in the way. Change has been pushing you and nudging you and you’ve continued to ignore it or make an excuse as to why you can’t execute it. This Pisces full moon has had some heavy energy tagging along and if you have been submitting to the path you should be on then this energy feels even heavier. Virgo season is making sure we stay right in track, not lagging behind and definitely not moving too fast. So if you should be eaten better and you haven’t, then you probably feel extremely sluggish. If you should be meditating and you haven’t, you’re probably finding that time is slipping through your fingers. If you’ve been called to get more rest and you’ve ignored that, then it’s definitely showing on your face. GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!!!!!!!!! With this grounded watery energy you will never go too far to where you feel out of control, so don’t let fear or lack or creativity keep you from following your intuition.

Suggestions for the next two weeks: clean and cleanse your home's entrances (doors, windows etc, calling in only light and peace). Sweep your porch! Secondly, be very mindful of the food you eat, subscribe to the idea that there is a such thing as high and low vibrational foods; notice the difference/change in your decision making for other areas of your life.

Here some advice for your sign, read all that apply to your prominent placements:

Aries-First thing that came to mind where boots and the phrase, “these boots were made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do...” you have certain skills for a reason, use them, sculpt them, they are your personal power and are present for your advancement in life. Have more confidence in your strengths

Taurus-you’ve keep so many protected in a lock door and fortunately and unfortunately someone or something has finally found the keep. It’s unfortunate because it’s taking you out of your comfort zone earlier than you intended but trust it. You’re safe, your deepest desires are shared and not judged. This opportunity is a stable one, with a surplus of longevity

Gemini- Charge forward with confidence and purpose. Your direction is forged with fate and protection. So if it feels like your not going on the right direction it’s because you still don’t see the bigger picture. Stay calm you’ll be at your goal before you know it.

Cancer- Your running low on emotion and you need to rest. Your gas light and check engine light are on. Pace yourself for you need all the power you have for your uphill battle to serenity. Love has never forsaken you, you’ve just exerted yourself on the wrong projects.

Leo- Now that your season is over you feel like things have slowed down for you. You went from yacht living to tow boat movement. This is life giving you a chance to catch up. You went pretty hard in your season. Don’t trip, it’s for the best.

Virgo- While everyone is spending this time getting their shit together, you’re ready to attack like a venomous snack. Precision in place and tactic rehearsed. Your goals don’t stand a chance at slipping away from you. Congrats, we’ve been rooting for you.

Libra- Either shit or get off the pot. You are the levee in your life. Your are holding things up. And for what reason? Because your pro and con list isn’t finished. Well while you complete that life is passing you by and someone else is snatching up your opportunity. Hurry up! (Oouu you needed that tough love)

Scorpio- If you haven’t written it down, then it didn’t really happen. You’re being careful with your words in an effort not to speak anything unwanted into existence because in the recent past your lacked filter has landed you in undesired situations. Journal more so you to prevent from lashing out later.

Sagittarius- Proceed with caution over the next few weeks. Especially with driving. Another driver’s negligence to get their brake lights fixed can put you at fault for something out of your control. Pay attention to the signs in your life telling you you’re going the wrong way.

Capricorn- Period. You’re done, you’ve done the people thing this summer and you’re ready to get back to work. Your safe haven. You feel like you have to play catch up because you took so much time to socialize instead of work. Relax, you needed that, it was meant to happen that way.

Aquarius- You don’t really know what you’re doing right now do you? You know you’re going forward but not sure where it’s leading. Rest, think, plan, the fog will clear up soon.

Pisces- The urge you have is not telling you that you’re running out of time, it’s telling you that it’s time. Time to act, time to initiate, time to move. You’re not even exactly sure what you’re waiting for. But you’re stalling because you feel so loved and comfortable in your current space. Good news, that love and comfort comes with you as you reach the next level.


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