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New Moon in Virgo

If you ever had any intention on creating a life for yourself. This is the moon to do so under. It’s not necessarily just any moon in Virgo. It’s everything that’s also going on in the planetary atmosphere. Jupiter has gone direct, Mars is in retrograde, and this is considered a Super moon. There is such a lofty amount Mercurial energy for you to communicate (written, specifically for Virgo) with the universe what you want out of life as well as a solid grounding energy for you to be clear on what you’re asking for.

Some of us have ended/are ending a chapter in life and are at the starting mark of a new one. Being a little more sure of how to accomplish and cultivate this new life, we are urged to use that mars energy and focus with a fiery precision on what we need to step through this new door. If you don’t feel prepared for a new chapter, it’s not too late to get prepared. Start with showing gratitude for every possible thing you have; down to the hair that’s on your head bc that’s a blessing within itself.

Advice: reorganize your living area, feng shui that bitch, add a plant, add more light, bring intention into your home. Take notice of the time that you provide for yourself because you can’t set intentions without peace and quiet or a peace of mind. If your day is jam packed with task after task then try intentional breathing inhale for a count of 8 and exhale for a count of 4. That’ll also help with the palpitations you’ve been having lately as well.

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