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Recap From Day 1 and Standing Tall on Day 2

I hope this platform is useful and more congruent for the discussion of our journey. Below are the responses I received yesterday to the inquiry of how everyone's day is going. Take the time to read each response as they may hold something similar to your journey or something special for you to take with you. See you in the next post!

Happy Monday!

I’ve been very grateful that today was busy. I’m on the east coast—it’s 1:30 and I’m still not hungry! -Lauren


Hey Reana,

Great rising guys!

Hope everyone is well on this beautiful Monday!

So far, I’m only good on 2 of my fast goals- I had 3 lol.

I’m physically fasting with only liquid currently, mostly tea and water for as many days as I can go, I’m also fasting from fast-food this month which is something I’ve been meaning to get around to for quite some time now.

Lastly I’m fasting from social media for the month-the part I haven’t been to great at today

Truth being, as far as food wise- I fast not often enough to me, but possibly more often than most people- so just going on tea and water only for a few days isn’t the hardest for me, per say…

The longest I’ve gone is four days and the mental clarity you have after day 3 is crazy… up until day 3 is the shittiest lol. I think the hardest part of all this for me will be the social media (and at some point the ) BUT I WILL STAY ENCOURAGED! I know I can do this and the outcome I think for me will be amazing!

I agree with Reana completely about working out in the morning being best, if your going to do it.

Yes- your mental clarity is awesome as time goes on, but working out too hard is a no during a fast- so I personally find it easiest and like to hit the treadmill and walk for a while if I’m going to the gym or yoga/ planks/ body weight toning sets if I’m at home. I think Pilates would be/is an awesome exercise regime too like your doing, Reana, or something like the Tracy Anderson method if anyone’s heard of that! Traci Ellis Ross swears by it and she’s pretty fit lol.

Anyway, you got this

Hope you guys have an amazing day.



So far I’m sipping my smoothie and will be drinking tons of water.

I plan on doing about 15 minutes of stretching and 15 minutes of meditation. Affirmation: I command a wealthy life.



I did pretty well today! I was able to walk this morning, so my day started on a great note. I was already intermittent fasting, but decided to shorten my eating window to 6 hours instead of 8.



I am recovering from a gastrointestinal infection and back problems but I’m seeing it as a sign that i need to heal my body. Today, I had 2 meals that consisted of light foods, fruits and vegetables. I normally have 3 meals, snack and have something sweet like ice cream, cookies, etc. Overall, I feel well and as Reana suggested, set intentions around my healing.

Thanks so much Reana for your support and guidance. -Linda


Good evening. So for my particular fast I did not cut out any meals completely, because I am a dancer and I literally dance all day however I was wanting to start the day with fruits only and water and as I progress in the week I will eat more and more basic whole foods as opposed to pro

cessed food. My goal for this week is to drink as much water as possible and the first thing I eat to be fruits and end my day with food cooked by me and not take out or fast food. I have found that packing a lunch is super helpful when you're someone like me that sells a lot of time outside of the house.



I’ve been traveling today. Things went well until I made it to my location. I was tired thinking about food.


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